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Crop circles are very nice, beautiful, flattened and complex geometric patterns. The geometric patterns include the proofs of Pythagoras theorems which are related to musical notes. They are found in different types of crops such as Corn, Wheat, Oats, Barley and Grass. Crop circles are not only found in crops, but also in Maize. In the 17 century, the fossil record of woodcuts which appear to be the crop circles has been observed. The first woodcut appears in the Hertfordshire newspaper in England. Today there is variety of thousands of the crop circles of different shapes around the globe. Different theories and beliefs on whether the crop circles occur naturally or are man-made also prevail.

There are beautiful and the most attractive crop circles in different parts of the globe. They are found in the USA, Russia, England, Israel and Canada. Even though they are found in different parts of the world, England seems to be the dominant country of where many of the crop circles are found. Shamefully, there is no single report indicating the locations of crop circles in the continent of Africa. Lack of availability of the crop circles in the continent of Africa can be attributed to the poor reporting from the media or lack of knowledge about the crop circles.

There are different types of these magnificent crop circles. They are ranging from simple, to doubles, triples and multiples crop circles. The names of these crop circles include Mandelbrot set, Stonehenge Julia Set and the Triple Julia Set. In my opinion, the most beautiful crop circles which hooked my heart from the Video viewed is the Triple Julia Set because of its shape and golden colour. Also in my view I think the crop circles are hoax, this is because one can ask himself a question such as is there any research which only occur in the Northern Hermisphere? The shape and its beautiful golden colour of the Triple Julia Set is amazing, because it also consists of 35 circles, imagine not just circles, but golden circles which hooked the eyes of the observer.

Like in the Video reviewed, Jazz Rassol an Astrophysicist, Paul Vigay and Michael Glickman share different views when coming to the crop circles. Rasool provides his insights about the crop circles; he tries by all means to link crop circles with human mind and quantum gravity. He further says that the beautifulness of the geometry of the crop circle is indicated with various colourful computer generated images and animations. While on the other side, Paul Vigay says that crop circles are found all around the globe in places like USA, UK, Russia and Israel. He further says that crop circles are found in the crops such as Corns, Oats, Grass and Wheat.

The unfortunate part of the crop circles is that the evidence which indicate clearly how the crop circles are formed remains sketchy. The unavailability of how the crop circles are formed can be attributed to many of the different theories and beliefs. Other people believe that there is energy of field present in the crop formations that affect photographic equipment and other equipment. Most of the people who visit the crop circles reported a wide range of physiological, psychological or emotional effects. While in the Agricultural sector, farmers believe that crop circles tend to interact at an unconscious level, the type of experience is governed largely by the state of mind of the individuals.


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Friday, April 21, 2006

The world of science is full of surprises. Each an every time, when scientist/s invent or make a discovery about something, negative criticism tend to be more than the positive criticism, but later on reality tend to come into existence. Both negative and positive criticisms mostly come from the media, both print and electronic. The fact that Fox television has broadcasted a programme called Conspiracy theory fuelled the mistrust of people to the astronauts.

I am 99% certain that the first man to land on the moon was Neil Armstrong from United States of America (USA). The credibility of the film makers is also questionable, how can they compare photos which are taken from the two different earths, the one which is having the atmosphere and the magnetosphere which is the earth that we live on and the one without both the atmosphere and magnetosphere, the moon. It is obvious that the conditions which prevail between the two earths are totally different. Therefore, photos taken from the different earths would also be different.

It is also obvious that among the people who were viewing the film were the scientists. As we know that among the scientists themselves, in order for something to become reality and accepted by the scientific community and convince the public, argument must first prevail. Surprisingly, from the Fox film makers we do not hear from them about who was the first person to land on the moon. This means that only what is shown in the film was a Hoax.

Even though I am 99% certain that the first man to land on the moon was Neil Armstrong, but I am also 1% uncertain. This is because why the astronauts from NASA asked questions refused to answer. One can also suspects that may be they were hiding something about the allegations will leave the people unsure whether the film aired by the Fox was true or false.

As the main purpose of the film is to make money, may be this also influenced the film makers to put the story in their film in such a way as to make public to buy their film. For example, in the article the headline read as follows, The Great Moon Hoax. The above mentioned headline in the article can be interpreted in different ways, because we cannot interpret things the same way, as we see things differently.

If it is the fact that Neil Armstrong is the first man to land on the moon is a hoax, this also means that many of the books, journals and information in the internet need to be wiped off to prevent further confusion. One can also ask himself/herself a question such as if landing on the moon is a hoax, why it took so long for the hoax to be exposed. The chances are slim that lending on the moon was a hoax as compared with the information available which supports the fact that Neil Armstrong was the first person to land on the moon.

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